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Are you data hungry? Do you want

Are you data hungry? Do you want to practice your coding skills in awesome data science projects? Them speak with us to have a chance of a fantastic summer internship in the most vibrant city in Europe.

About us: dataAI is a London based machine learning Startup applied to a wide range of industries and clients. Our clients include Stratified Medical and Thales group.

Technology: We focus on applying advanced tools to crunch data. You will have the chance to put your hands on some Deep Learning architectures (Convolutional Neural Networks – CNN, Stacked Auto-Encoders – SAE and Deep Boltzmann Machines – DBM).

Projects: We invite talented individuals to join our team during Summer Internship to work on two exciting projects

Desired skills: Essential: coding in R and Python or Java. Mathematical mindset and a can do attitude. Desired: graph databases (node4j), D3, Spark, Docker.

Projects: You will be involved in one of two projects:

  1. Multimodal learning images and text with deep learning techniques.
  2. Knowledge discover on Twitter using NLP techniques for entity disambiguation, graph completion and sentiment analysis.

We are also very keen to discuss any ML project that you might want to do.

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