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We are a skilled data science consultant


We are a skilled data science consultant firm that helps companies unleash the value of their data, boost business efficiency and outsmart your competition.

With a team of experienced data scientists and consultants in machine learning and data analytics, we deliver end-to-end solutions from problem conceptualisation, models selection, proof of concept, data mining & manipulation, analytics, to complete solution deployment.

  • Trustworthy: some of our clients include a UK Government agency, a defence multinational and a startup developing cutting hedge drug discovery software.
  • Fast: we deliver immediate value through fast prototyping and sampling tests.
  • Flexible: we divide complete overhauls into smaller projects and allow you to have access to technology now.
  • ROI: we are focused on bringing value that you can measure to your business, not playing with fancy technology.
  • Leadership: true experienced people are almost impossible to find. We draw the project and make sure it’s on the right path.

Data science that speaks your language!

What do we do?

Our projects are focused on data exploration, proof-of-concept development, conceptualisation and products; either stand-alone or fully integrated with existing IT infrastructure. We work from data extraction and manipulation (ETL), data cleaning and pre-processing, advanced data analysis (self-organised maps, t-SNE, Manifold maps, …), interactive visualisation (DS3 and Shiny), classification of high-dimensional data (Scoring and segmentation with Random Forests & Deep Belief Neural Networks), Recommendation Systems (Collaborative Filters & Content based), Complex Networks & Predictive Analytics (time-series, seasonality detection and forecasting). Our core programming is SQL, Python and R, but we are flexible in other languages.

Legal name: DATAAI LTD
Companies House: 09474249
VAT number: 210318465