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About us


We are a highly skilled consultant firm that helps companies unleash the value of their data to boost business efficiency. Business decisions should be data driven through careful extraction of relevant insights and actionable conclusions. We are a team with experience in most advanced machine learning techniques, with a large consultancy industry experience to help your organization make sense of the data.

What we do?

Our projects are focused on data exploration, proof-of-concept development, conceptualization and products; either stand-alone or fully integrated with existing IT infrastructure. We work from data extraction and manipulation (ETL), data cleaning and pre-processing, advanced data analysis (self-organized maps, tSNE, Manifold maps,…), interactive visualization (DS3 and Shiny), classification of high-dimensional data (Scoring and segmentation with Random Forests and Deep Belief Neural Networks), Recommendation Systems (Collaborative Filters and Content based), Complex Networks (community detection, and feature extraction) and predictive analytics (time-series, seasonality detection and forecasting). Our core programming is SQL, Python and R, but we are flexible in other languages.